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Whether you are asked to write a dissertation, business plan, book or a research paper, GWriters offers a full spectrum of valuable writing services. Our freelancers cover all areas of study and are experts in writing academic specialised texts and works. As they are experienced writers you can expect nothing less than swift writing services and most excellent results. Benefit from GWriters’ freelance writing help now and we will assist you in writing your paper!

We can help you when…

  • you need a structure or outline of your work or project
  • you are looking for someone to write down your research results
  • your text or work needs to be completed or edited
  • you would like to improve the quality of your texts (including proofreading, editing & plagiarism check
  • you need help with the interpretation of statistical data, market analyses or other empirical studies
  • your text needs to be written in a completely different language, or when you need your work to include only some parts in English
  • you need help with writing a political or formal speech
  • you would like to improve your webpage with valuable and unique content
  • you need a presentation for your project

Kinds of freelance writing help:

In the field of freelance writing help there are many different services and even specialties, all depending on the actual project description itself. Here are some of the more frequently desired freelance writing services:


Simply referred to as “ghosting” by the freelance writing community, ghostwriting means that when a writer writes a book, a novel, a short story, a report, a scientific article or any other type of text for that matter, the same gives full credit for his work to another person. For example, a celebrity or an athlete might hire a ghostwriter to write his or her biography while taking full credit for writing the book. In some cases ghostwriters are hired to go over and edit through drafts or simply write the text using an outline, provided by the credited author.


Another one of the more common freelance writing services, proofreading, is basically the reading, detection and correction of production errors in text. There are various methods of proofreading and every single one holds great responsibility as they are the one of the last stages of typography production before publication.


Editing services include the proofreading of a text and in addition, the correction of discrepancies in style, form, word choice and content. After the freelance editing, you receive a work that is ready for submission and publishing.


In the age of globalisation, probably one of the most important services offered in freelance writing has been the translation of text from one language to another. We can find the translation of texts going back as far as Sumerian times! Impressive to think that mankind has already needed this service for thousands of years.

Plagiarism Check

Every writer out there is fully aware of Plagiarism and no one wants to be on either side of that word. Whether you mistakenly presented a text very similar to someone else’s work or whether you took hours of your time to research for a certain piece of literature only to have it reproduced by someone else without being mentioned, plagiarism detection is a service which many writers and editors seek in the freelance writing field in order to avoid crossing this very well known line of moral and ethics in the writing community.

Demand for freelance writing help

In the modern world in which we live today just about everywhere you look is the evidence left behind by a freelance writer. From your new bookshelf’s instruction manual to the thesis handed in yesterday to an unsuspecting university professor, freelance writing help is now used worldwide in every language like never before. Depending on the needs of the individual or company, freelance writing help can vary in a wide range.

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