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Whether you are asked to write a dissertation, business plan, book or a research paper, GWriters offers a full spectrum of valuable writing services. Our freelance writing help covers all areas of study; our freelancers are experts in writing academic specialised texts and works. As they are experienced writers you can expect nothing less than swift writing services and most excellent results.

Our academic writing services can help you when:

  • you need a structure or outline of your work or project
  • you are looking for someone to write down your research results
  • your text or work needs to be completed or edited
  • you would like to improve the quality of your texts (including proofreading, editing & plagiarism check
  • you need help with the interpretation of statistical data, market analyses or other empirical studies
  • your text needs to be written in a completely different language, or when you need your work to include only some parts in English
  • you need help with writing a political or formal speech
  • you would like to improve your webpage with valuable and unique content
  • you need a presentation for your project

About academic writing

Academic writing is a substantial challenge for every student, as it is a demanding and specialised task. Coming straight out of school, the standards required for the composition of an academic paper very often seem too much for a student to cope with. As not every professor provides young scholars with guidelines for academic writing, help can be sought not only on campus in academic writing centres but also on the Internet. Ghostwriters may also prove to be of assistance as our knowledgeable freelancers have significant experience in academic writing.

Purposes of academic writing

Academic writing is an essential element of studying, which improves the ability to work independently and to discuss a certain topic that is scientifically relevant. By writing an academic essay, students demonstrate that they can indeed not only read and understand other academic sources, but also that they are able to develop a scientific perspective of their own. Academic papers are hence a way to prove one has the ability to think, work and write systematically. As it is a display of academic skills and competence, academic writing cannot be dismissed as an important part of education.

Academic writing guideline

There are only three main steps in composing an academic essay that have to be followed:

  • find a topic
  • do research
  • write it down

Professors tend to leave their students with a rather broad complex of themes from which they have to choose a topic and to discuss in a paper. The chosen topic should not only be of interest to the student but is also supposed to pose ideas, thoughts and concerns relevant to the field of study and the academic world. To find such subject matter, brainstorming is necessary. Then the topic has to be narrowed down and eventually specified. After the focus has been defined, research has to be done to gather source material and significant information by other academic writers in order to come up with an informed argument of one’s own. One goal of academic writing is the ability to develop own points of reasoning.

Form & Content in Academic Writing

Academic writing highly differs from essay composition at school. The academic paper has to be well structured and organised. The student’s own thoughts should be unique, well developed and well grounded. This is achieved by including of quotations from relevant academic sources. Quotations illustrate writer’s thoughts, and also convey a way of strengthening one’s own assumptions. It is important to always identify the sources you have used and cited. Plagiarism is not an option in academic writing!

Academic language does not have to consist of unintelligibly long sentences or to be peppered with foreign terms. However, the usage of at least some technical terms is mandatory. Students will have to mind their style and grammar and adjust it to the demands of a scientific text.

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