Freelance Copywriting Service

Search engines focus on supplying their users with the best results possible, SEO therefore requires unique and relevant content. We create researched, targeted and concise content to help you not only improve your listing in search engines, but also win new customers and increase your sales.

By using our SEO freelance copywriting service you receive:

  • SEO articles, blog articles, press releases, news feeds and more
  • researched and target-oriented content
  • highly informative articles worth using as resource
  • copywriting service that goes in-line with your brand values
  • no spamming or keyword-stuffing

Finding the right freelancer

The main task of each copywriter is to fully understand and address his target audience and to have the creativity, writing skills and flexibility to tackle each task individually. However, it is not uncommon for freelance copywriters to link up with others of their own ilk for the purpose of subcontracting or for collaborating with design artists to deliver the full package to the client, including aligned visual aids. To find a copywriter nowadays with the desired expertise and a proven track record, you can use the GWriters freelance copywriting service and get in contact with over 600 registered copywriters. We help you to select the most appropriate candidate for your specific topic.

Reliable freelance copywriting services

The emergence of the internet and modern advertising media has not only expanded the portfolio of copywriting services with the composition of webpage content, emails, etc., but has also made it easier for potential clients to find copywriters and vice versa. This, in return, has stimulated the growth in the number of copywriters working with us to implement high-quality freelance copywriting service. Whereas the profession of a copywriter is relatively age-old, freelancers are a new phenomenon. When it comes to freelance copywriters, their professional background and their field of expertise can vary significantly. Even though freelance copywriters have more freedom to define their desired workload, client base and field of expertise, they all share an affinity for language and are entirely responsible for the crafting of the copies and the ultimate content. Since our freelancers only receive offers from their specific field of study and can decide their workload, they can offer a reliable freelance copywriting service with deliveries in time.

About Copywriting

The terms ‘copywriting’ and ‘copyright’, although different in meaning, are often used interchangeably in today’s world. “Copyright” refers to the ownership of intellectual property and serves to prevent third parties from plagiarism or abusive use, whereas “copywriting” has to do with the composition of a written piece (‘copy’) for a client, most commonly with the purpose to market, advertise or successfully sell a service or product to a targeted audience. Freelance copywriting is very complex in nature. Although it is traditionally associated with the composition of marketing and advertising content, our freelance writing service can also include informative and educational content, for example the content for books, articles, websites, brochures, legal documents, etc. It is a highly demanding profession undertaken by our freelance copywriters who work for our large client base, including private clients, middle-sized companies, and website providers.

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